Mrs Davie’s and Mrs Tickell’s Spelling Group Week 5 Focus: adding ‘ing’

Handed out on Friday 14th October; Tested on Friday 21th October

This week you have been given 7 words to learn.  For the test you will need to be able to spell the word and add ‘ing’ to it in the correct way.

These are the rules:

If the word has a short vowel sound and 1 consonant – you double the consonant and add ing

If the word has a long vowel sound and a consonant – you just add ing

If the word has a split digraph (ends in e) – you remove the e and add ing

  1. amaze
  2. decide
  3. decompose
  4. enjoy
  5. complain
  6. swim
  7. travel
  8. sacrifice
  9. suggest
  10. accommodate

Note: Spellings 1-7 focus on this week’s phoneme focus; spellings 8-10 are from either the Year 3 & 4 or Year 5 & 6 word lists.