12th November – Applying to be a digital leader

Last week, Year 4/5/6 pupils were invited to apply to be a digital leader at Hazeldown Primary School.

Being a digital leader involves a range of things including: helping troubleshoot problems with technology, assisting others with apps, learning how to use the iPad management software (Mobile Guardian) and much more.

The applications have been of such high quality that tt has been very hard for Mr Pattison and Mr Evans to pick!

Here is an extract from one application:

Why do you want to become a digital leader?

I would love to be a digital leader so I could help others and learn more about technology. I wonder to myself: What would it be like to be a digital leader? Why is technology so important? How could I help others?

What knowledge can you share with others in school?

Although I aspire to be better with iPads – which I hope being a digital leader will help with – I feel I am best with chromebooks (especially site settings). I can handle almost everything in setting flash player, wall papers and lots of other things.

Well done to all of the applicants, the digital leaders will be announced on Wednesday.

Mr Evans and Mr Pattison.