A busy week for Ebony and Holly

What a busy start to the half term we have had!

We made a big bang (literally) at the start of the week! We pretended that we were children in World War II. We move the classroom around to make an improvised bomb shelter and experienced what it was like to be involved in an air raid.

Some of us felt excited, scared or even claustrophobic. Later on, we watched a video about what it was like for people in the actual war. The video made us realise how serious it was – we heard from an old man who’s house had been bombed – in the raid his mother had died.

We have also been learning about the Windrush generation in our literacy – trying to learn what it might have felt like to move away from your friends and family at such short notice.

In mathematics, we have been learning about measures and converting. We had a really interesting conversation about why road signs still have miles on them!

Here are some bits of our SOLE work – we hope you enjoy them.