A busy week in Hobeny Class

Welcome to our new class – Hobeny (A cominbation of Holly and Ebony).

We have had a very busy week this week. We have started following the new lockdown approach and been working very hard.

In our SPaG session we found a new method for trying to rememeber tricky words. This is called the ‘naughty letters’ method. In this method, you write the word out but make the letters that catch you out look different. In my example, some people find spelling the word ‘necessary’ tricky as it can be hard to recall which letters are doubled.

We also looked at simple mnemonics that can help us. For the same word, we learnt the mnemonic ‘one collar and two sleeves’.

Some of the children have been demonstrating their technology skills in SOLE. One of our MUSTS was to present some information about Charles Darwin. some children chose to create a website, whilst others created short video presentations.

We hope you enjoy our work.