A new gadget to play with in Year 4!


We have been lucky enough to have been given class sets of Spell Checkers this week! There are enough for one between two and the children can use them to check their spellings, play word games and they can even be used as calculators! There was much excitement when they were handed out and we all played with them to find out how they worked.

Here are some quotes from the children in Redwood class:

‘They are awesome!’ Charlotte

‘They help us a lot.’ Indie

‘We can use them in our learning so that we can be resourceful.’ Ruby

‘They are really helpful!’ Harriet

‘They can help us improve our spelling!’ Jensen

‘They encourage us to do our best!’ Millie

‘I think they will really help us in our Big Writes.’ Millie

‘They will help us go far in life because it is important to be able to spell correctly!’ Evie