A quiet week in pictures – but a busy week in real life from Ebony

Not many pictures this week – remember if you are doing something different – please share the pictures so we can all see.

Even though there are not many pictures – I know that lots of you are taking part in amazing learning activities at home. There are lots of people getting immersed in the World War 2 topic and also lots of people taking a lot of exercise.

It has been very encouraging to see so many Year 6 pupils helping other pupils on the chat – thank you for this.

Alice has been taking a lot of walks on Dartmoor – making the most of the wonderful weather.


Beth has been trying her best with her World War 2 SOLE work.


Jack has continued to get great results with his maths.


And finally, Lois loved the ‘mapping the text’ activity we did (although several of you did not like it!).

Have a good weekend – stay safe.