A Starry night in Foundation – 28.1.21- Foundation

In Foundation, we have really enjoyed learning about our cornerstones topics.

We have been learning all about the night time. We have looked at different bedtime routines and heard all the sounds that might indicate it is bedtime.

We have discussed different night time animals and looked at why it is dark at night time. The children were amazing at using the language of  ” agreed, disagreed or my thinking is different” to discuss, with their friends, why it became dark at night time. Well done Foundation!



The children loved playing number bingo this week. They described number in lots of different ways …” it has 2 digits…it is one more than… it is a 10 and a 9″.

The children did some fabulous incidental writing! Gerald the giraffe came back for another visit! We all enjoyed hearing how Gerald felt. He used the vocabulary frustrated, worried, terrified and excited- wow Gerald!  The children decided to talk, and write, about how he was feeling being away from home.  They used the interactive whiteboard to write their sentences.

Well done on another excellent week Foundation!