A very busy week in Year 6

We have been working hard in Year 6 this week. Not only have we introduced some new skills (in PE and Computing), we have also been embedding some already known skills.

In P.E., we have been using netball as our focus game. This week we were trying to attract the attention of our team mates – without alerting the opposite time. This can be quite tricky! We were also reinforcing our passing skills – using the chest pass and bounce pass.

In Computing, we have been using data from the voyage of the Beagle to create line graphs. These line graphs showed the distance of the Beagle from its home port.

We have also been applying our literacy skill in our SOLE sessions. We had a may to create a poem about the Galapagos. Here are two examples:

Finally, in Science, we have been studying evolution and adaptation. One part of this involved looking at how a specific animal had adapted over time. One of our favourite activities was our beak investigation. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s research on Chaffinches, we experimented with different tools and seeds to see which worked best.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of what we have done this week.