A week of demonstrating skills in Ebony

This week in Ebony Class, we have been working very hard – especially in our S.O.L.E. .

One of our MUSTS involved observational sketching – inspired by Charles Darwin and his sketch book. We remembered to apply the ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ approach and have several goes – using constructive feedback from other people in the class.

One of our MUSTS was more flexible – we had to learn about the Galapagos Islands and then present what we had learnt. We were able to choose how we displayed our learning.

Some people created short films in iMovie, some people created websites using Google Sites whilst others chose to write the information out by hand.

As a part of our research about the Galapagos, some of us created custom made maps using Google Draw. We used these to plan an expedition around the islands. Someone became such an expert in this that she was able to help others create their own maps.

I hope you enjoyed finding out what we have been up to this week.