Amazing high quality from Ebony

I continue to be amazed by the high quality standard of work from all of the children in Ebony class. Well done.

With our big write alongside SOLE this week, there were some very creative examples of writing. The great scores of the maths demonstrates just how hard you are all working at home – keep it up.

Have a great half term, stay safe.

Here are some examples of the wonderful work this week:


Aiden helped deliver bread around his neighbourhood.


Aiden also went for a lovely ride – so lucky to live where we do.


Emmie managed to capture a lovely photo of the sun at the beach.


Emmie also collected a lot of WW2 resources to help her.


Jack got his lighting certificate from Tubers.

Jack demonstrating his practical maths.

Finally, Lilly went above and beyond. She has applied her learning from our last unit (Tomorrow’s World), and linked it to this unit (WW2) by creating a website for her SOLE work.