An amazing day.

We have had such an amazing start to our Year 4 residential at Heatree.

After arriving at nearly 11 o’clock, we had a talk and then lunch on the field. After a play we went off to our first activities. Some of us made shelters whilst others learnt how to make a fire then cooked Bannock Bread on it.

After our activity, we came back and moved into our rooms, much excitement and not too much falling out about top bunks!

Then it was time for tea (sausages, chips and beans). A huge thank you to the Yellow Group who cleaned all the dishes and tidied up after tea.

We then went for a magical walk in the early evening, listening to the bird song, exploring nature, building shelters and then running across the field back to the house.

We finished off with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and rocky road.

As we write this at 10:30pm, all pupils are asleep in bed, shortly to be followed by the staff!

More to follow tomorrow…