Astounding Ash! – Foundation – 22.05.20

Ash class have been working hard again this week. They have been having lots of adventures with ‘flat’ Miss Banning who came to visit this week. Well done Ash class for being such super learners, you are all showing such resilience and resourcefulness during this time! I have seen so many Tryatops, Thinkodocus’ and Explorasaurs this week! I feel so proud! 🙂

Arthur had a visit from ‘flat’ Miss Banning. She has been helping him to do some fantastic learning!

Lucas drew a fantastic picture of a chick and labelled it. He also used his animal stamps to help him create some amazing number sentences, great work Lucas!

Wrenna found some real Pupa in her garden and has been working really hard on doubles.

Mason has been completing some fantastic maths questions!

Buddy went for a walk at Stover and then drew this chick, how cute!

Charlie worked hard to write some words about life cycles in literacy.

Savanna has been practising her writing. I love how she has tried to keep her letters the same size!

Leo T has been working hard to practise his maths learning.

Anna introduced ‘flat’ Miss Banning to her favourite toy Big Bunny. She also drew this lovely picture of a chick and wrote her own sentence, beautiful writing Anna!

Indie and ‘flat’ Miss Banning have been having a great time together this week!