Blown away by the quality of learning from Ebony Class

As the title says – I am blown away by the high quality work being produced by Ebony class. It has been really exciting to move into our new topic – World War 2. I can already see how much some of you love this and below you will be able to see some of the wonderful things being done at home.

We are getting to a critical part of our class book ‘Pig Heart Boy’ as Cameron is about to have an operation. If you have missed any of the chapters they are available on Vimeo ( ) and Youtube ( ).

I hope you all have a good bank holiday weekend and stay safe.

Joe’s air raid shelter.

Emmie’s spitfire.

Elsa’s very creative photograph (cut and stuck on paper).

A painting created by Arlia’s great grandfather when he was a prisoner of war.

Alice carrying out a ‘ph’ experiment.

And finally, Jack working hard on his active and passive voice!