Bonsai – Forces 1.2.17

Bonsai have been investigating forces.  They have been carrying out practical activities to observe how forces make objects move.  Investigations have included: magnets; attraction and repulsion, Galileo’s and Aristotle’s differing theories on how fast things fall and balloon racing.

Two children concluded, “When we had a flat piece of paper and a scrunched up piece of paper, the scrunched up piece hit the floor first so it is because of the shape not the weight. When we dropped the objects to the ground they landed at the same time because they were the same shape but different weights.”

They then watched a video filmed on the moon.  They were shocked to see that a hammer and a feather, when dropped on the moon, hit the ground at the same time because there is no air resistance even though the hammer is clearly heavier

.Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 20.03.24IMG_0686  IMG_0689