Bonsai- w.c. 18th May

As usual Bonsai have been really busy with activities this week and here some examples of their excellent work.


As part of SOLE, Lottie has been very resourceful and designed headwear she could wear in space using materials she had around her home. What will you discover Lottie?

Jess has also been resourceful by using what she could find around her home to build her own little den.

Lucas has been waiting very patiently for Olive the pigeon’s eggs to hatch and this week they finally hatched!

Lucas has also been busy applying to be the future’s next astronaut by filling in an application for the UK space agency.

As part of literacy, year 5 have been researching about space tourism and have begun writing a balanced argument about ‘Should humans take holidays in space?’ It has been a challenge, but the year 5 pupils have had to write formally and they have done a brilliant job so far!

Dora’s work

Zach’s work

Mia has been busy getting creative by finger painting. Wonderful work Mia!

Well done to Bonsai for their incredible hard work this half term. I can’t wait to see what wonderful you produce next half term.