Bonsai- Wonderful home learning and activities-w.c.27.4.20

Bonsai have been very busy this week with all sorts of activities! It has been great to see so many of Bonsai really getting involved in their learning and other activities.

Here is Harry and his wonderful assistant Anna explaining how gravity works.

Click on the link to listen!

Sir Isaac Newton and Gravity

Thank you to each and every one of you who have sent in videos explaining gravity. You were all very creative using different props from around your house and a huge thank you to all the family members (including dogs) who got involved!

In addition to this, Harry has recreated the moon phases from Oreos, don’t they look amazing!

Harry has also been busy writing the first verse of his poem.

Brilliant use of personification Harry!

If you want to read more poetry from year 5, there are more examples of the pupils’ poetry work on a previous blog post.

Anya has been busy creating top trump cards about the planets and has even had a go a little bit of painting.



Evie has been busy researching about craters and how they are created.

Ruby has been busying doing the bunny hop challenge as her PE. If you want to have a go, have a look in the PE folder.

She has also built her own reading den!

Seth has created his own circuit that can tell you when a door is open or closed!

Lucas has been very creative with his SOLE work and created these wonderful posters about craters and Sir Isaac Newton.

It has been wonderful to see all the activities you’ve been doing and I can’t wait to see what you get up to next week!