Brilliant year 5! W.c. 29.06.20

As part of SOLE, the pupils were asked to create a montage of different watches/clocks. Here are some examples of their work:



We have also been looking at what the year 2100 may look like.

Harry P:

Blossom and Frankie:


Phoebe and Evelyn’s:


Some pupils have also been creating time capsules.


Lucas has written a letter to go inside the time capsule:


As well as all the online learning, some of the year 5s have been busy doing other activities.

Mia went to see the sun rise early one morning:

Seth has been helping out at home by digging a pond in the front garden. He was able to apply his maths skills to measure out the pond liner. A dragonfly has visited Seth’s pond so far but he is hoping for a family of frogs to move in.