Busy as Bees at Forest School! 12.3.20

Both Year 5 classes had the opportunity to learn about bees and making honey from a local bee-keeper in Forest School today. Mary A’Hearne and her partner have many hives around the Teignmouth and Dawlish area and Mary brought in a hive in to show the children and she explained how bees make honey (there were no bees in the hive that she brought in!).

It was fascinating to find out about all the different jobs bees have in the hive and to learn just how amazing bees are! The children learned about the waggle dance that bees do, which shows the other bees where the best places are to get nectar! At the end of the session, Mary let the children taste some honeycombe as well as honey that had been made by bees from the flowers of two different trees: chestnut and sycamore. What an incredibly interesting day – we all learnt so much!