Christmas is coming!

Here are the words to the section of poem that Year 4 will be presenting at the Christmas Carol Concert at the end of term.  If you would like to present a section, practise at home and be prepared to audition next Monday!

“It happened one night.”



Scene 2   YEAR 4                  “Close encounters of the angelic kind.”


While Jesus lay sleeping in the manger that night,

Some shepherds out working had a big fright.

Their job was to guard a large flock of sheep,

To keep then all safe, and not go to sleep.



But as they sat shivering in the middle of the night,

The sky above filled with a blazing, clear light.

An angel of God in robes of bright gold

Swooped down to the shepherds, who forgot to feel cold.



For now they were shivering because they were scared;

To speak to the angel not one of them dared.

“Don’t worry,” the angel said, “You’re in no danger;

I’ve come down to tell of a child in manger.”



“This baby’s a special one – God’s only Son.

Go see him in Bethlehem; don’t stand there – run!”

And just to make sure they knew it was true

An army of angels came down from heaven too,



And sang to the Lord as loud as they could,

Carols of praise for doing such good.

The shepherds ran off as fast as they could,

And found the Lord Jesus in a feed box of wood.



Joseph was shocked when they came through the door;

“How did you know? We’ve not been here before!”

So the shepherds explained what the angel had said.

Then they knelt down and worshipped the child in his bed.