Collaborating to cross the river- Foundation-28.4.21.

This week in PE, we set the children a collaborative challenge. The children had to cross the river with only three lily pad hoops. We used the metacognition cycle to plan, monitor and evaluate our trip. The children planned a route across the river. They worked as a team to move across the river. Half way across, several children changed their plan and found a quicker way to travel. The children confidently discussed why they had changed their plans.

“We improved because we knew if we threw the hoops a long way we could get across quicker, but then we fell in.”

“We each had a job and it made us quicker.”

When the children had made it across the river, they re-evaluated their plan. The children found more efficient ways to cross the river and had another go. All of Foundation collaborated to achieve success. They confidently shared their plans and explained their thinking to their peers.