Dangerous Dinosaurs – Foundation – 24.03.21

Foundation had a fantastic time during their PE lesson. They used tweezers to develop their fine motor skills and collaborated with their friends to collect the ‘dinosaur eggs’ and sort them into the ‘nests’. The children used their problem solving skills to move the eggs carefully and quickly. We then played a game of ‘hungry dinosaurs’. The children sat in a circle and took in turns to collect as many eggs as possible. We used our subitising skills to see who had collected the most eggs.

The dinosaur themed learning continued this afternoon in Foundation! We experimented with some frozen dinosaur eggs. The tiny dinosaurs were encased in the ice and we used different tools to free them. We predicted that the eggs would melt quickly if we poured the warm, soapy water over them. Our hypothesis was correct and we had freed all 6 dinosaurs in no time! We then had a go at using some metacognition to explain our hypothesis and debated with our friends!