Ebony catching up with our SOLE learning.

This week (and last), in Ebony class we are covering learning that was missed as a result of lockdown.

One of the things we have been looking at is algorithms. These are basically sets of instructions that can be given to a computer or robot. We used the beebot app, giving the beebot sets of instructions to move about an increasingly complex map without making any errors. Sometimes we made errors and had to re-write our algorithms.

We have also been studying Galileo Galilei and the impact he had on the whole world. We learnt about the discoveries he made, as well as how this information was received by the wider world.

Lastly we looked at some apsects of our solar system including: why we have day and night, how the earth rotates, how the earth orbits the sun and how we are moving through space.

Here are some examples of our work: