Ebony Class getting ‘hooked’ into our new topic – ‘Hola Mexico’


To start our topic ‘Hola Mexico’, Ebony class made fruit cocktails.

To start with, we had to remind ourselves how to safely use a knife. We learnt about using ‘the claw’ to hold items safely, making sure the knife was sharp and how to be safe generally when cutting and holding a knife.

After that, we has some time to plan what was going to go into our drink. We had a range of juices to choose from as well as a range of fruits. Some of us took a risk and chose fruits or juices we were not sure we liked.

Once we had chosen, it was time to peel and chop our fruits ready for the drinks. Then we added the juices and finally a bit of lemonade to sweeten it all up.

When we tried our mocktails, some of us did not like them, so we spent time evaluating our plan and thinking about what we might do differently next time.