Ebony class painting a picture with our writing.

In Ebony class, we have started a new literacy unit – writing short stories based in the Arctic or Antarctic.

We have used colourful semantics to identify the parts of the sentence. Then we have added details by using expanded noun phrases – these give more information about the noun. You can see an example that someone came up with in the picture.

We have also been looking at using parenthesis to add extra information to a sentence – a lot of us wrote relative clauses about one or both of the nouns in a sentence. This extra information can be put inside brackets, commas or dashes.

For example:

The seal dived out of the water. (quite boring sentence)

The seal – which was escaping from an orca – dived out of the water.

Some of us went even further and experimented with having a comma inside the parenthis:

The sun shone down on us. (quite boring sentence)

The sun (that was brilliant gold, like it is most days) shone down on us.