Ebony thinking about metacognition in spelling.

This week in Ebony, we have been talking about metacognition.

Part of this has been during our spelling sessions. At the start of the term, we were tested on the first half of our Year 6 spelling list. Then, over the course of the term, we used a ranged a strategies to learn those spellings we did not get correct. This week, we were tested on the same words again. We then compared our results to the results from the start of term.

Most of us had improved, but some had not (or only improved a small amount).

This whole process involved metacognition (or thinking about learning).

To start with we identified areas we needed to improve, then we planned our approach by choosing a strategy that we thought would work and finally we evaluated our approach by seeing how much we had improved.

When we work on the second half of the Year 6 spellings, we will need to look back at our approach and consider if we need to change it or keep it the same.