Fantastic Year 6s – 29.06.2020

Year 6 have continued to be busy with their learning at home! Over the last couple of weeks, we have rounded up our WW2 unit and have started our new topic ‘Gallery Rebels’, which is an Art-based unit of work. Have a look at some of the fantastic work we have received below. Well done Year 6 – keep it up!


Lara planned a street party to celebrate the end of WW2 in Britain, designing an invitation and some bunting.


Owen experimented with colour, using chromatography, focusing on which colours make up black ink. He noticed that the permanent markers didn’t do the same when the paper was placed in water. Once the paper had dried, Owen noticed there was a lot of pink!


Ava and Olivia have made their own sketchbooks!

George B was very excited to go back to football training!