Forest School Fun in the Mud Kitchen! 27.4.20

We’ve got a new Mud kitchen at Forest School and the children loved playing with it today! We had children from Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 and it was lovely to work with a mix of ages. Numerous cups of ‘coffee’ were made for us in the Mud kitchen, as well as pizzas and cake!

We spent time exploring the pond and discovered hundreds of tadpoles as well as other creatures, which the children identified using the laminated pond key.

Leaf prints were created onto fabric and can easily be made at home. Just place a leaf under some thin fabric, such as an old pillow case and use the end of a rolling pin to bash the leaves. You can use flowers too, such as dandelions and buttercups which grow everywhere!

To add a bit of exercise into our day, we took part in the Bunny Hop challenge and Gracie is in the lead with 70 bunny hops! She also impressed us with her bunny hop jumps over 3 blocks. Forest School yoga was great and we learnt lots of different moves including the Adder, the Heron, the Snail and the Butterfly pose.

What a busy day! It was great but we’re missing all our friends and really hope to see you back at Forest School when it’s safe to be back.

Stay safe and keep looking out for all the fantastic things in nature when you’re out for your daily exercise or in your garden.