Foundation – Amazing Ash! – 30.04.20

Ash class have continued to share their fantastic learning with me. It has been so lovely to catch up with you all this week and hear about the wonderful things you have been doing! We are missing you at school very much! I am so impressed with all your hard work, well done! 🙂 Here are some examples of the fantastic home learning we have been doing:

Anna had an amazing time making her own frog pond!

Joe investigated the life cycle of a frog and found some real tadpoles!

Mason had a great time ordering his toys into size order!

Daniel completed some dinosaur themed maths challenges!

Savanna had a go at matching the rhyming words!

Lucas has been ordering caterpillars!

Harley has been ordering numbers!

Ruben has been working really hard at home!

Wrenna went on an adventure and spotted lots of interesting things, she counted the amount of cows she saw.

Rupert did some fantastic learning about frogs!

Lexi labelled her beautiful frog drawing!

Well done on all your hard work Ash class! Don’t forget to keep sharing your amazing learning with me!