Foundation – Ash class – 06.05.20

Ash class have been doing some fantastic learning this week. I have really enjoyed looking at all of the amazing things you have been doing. Well done Ash class for being Growth Mindset-osaurs and always trying your best! I am missing you all very much but it makes me so proud to see all of your lovely pictures.

Rupert has been teaching his new baby brother some maths learning.

Ruby lives on a farm and has helped to deliver some of the baby animals. Here she is looking after a calf.

Ruben made a beautiful rainbow sun to make everyone smile.

Georgie pretended to be Miss Banning and taught her family about the number 3!

Anna made her own version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, it looks fantastic!

Lexi did some brilliant maths learning,

Leo made a beautiful life cycle of a frog.

Lucas created a fantastic butterfly life cycle.

Indie also made a beautiful butterfly life cycle.

Teddy A created this picture of a frog.

Teddy E had lots of fun ordering some objects into size order.

Isla-Rose has had lots of fun learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Savanna has been working hard at home on her maths learning.

Well done Ash class, you are all super stars! 🙂