Growth Mindset Competition!


You will have received the details yesterday, both through e-mail and a paper copy, but listed below are the key pieces of information regarding our Growth Mindset competition!

Located around the school are 15 frames. Each frame has a number stuck on the wall above it.

During the remaining weeks of the term, I will be inserting images in to each of the frames; the images will be of famous individuals from the past and present and will all be accompanied by a quote.

Here’s where you come in! I will be running a competition to see who can name all of the individuals who are pictured / quoted in the different frames. Some of the individuals you will know whereas others will have been alive far before you were born (you may need to ask an adult to support you with these ones!). Pay close attention to the images as many will contain big clues that will support you in finding the answer!

You can write your answers in the competition card sent home on Monday. All completed cards should then be handed to the school office by Wednesday 29th March. During assembly on Friday 31st March, all correct entries will be placed into a hat, with the three chosen competition cards winning a special prize!

A couple of the frames will not contain a quote from a particular individual; these have been marked with a ‘X’ on the card and will not require you to do anything.

The images could go up at any point so you’ll have to be extra-observant if you’re keen to participate. Also, the images will be put up over a period of three and a half weeks so you’re going to have to be resilient and will need to commit to checking the frames frequently.

All that’s left for me to say is…good luck! I look forward to receiving your completed entries on Wednesday 29th March.

Mr. G. 🙂


PS. Keep an eye on the blog for further details of when the new images are inserted into frames.