Gymnastic Champions! 21.3.18

Yesterday, on Tuesday 20th March, year 6 took part in a gymnastics tournament hosted by the TCS learning community- competing against many other schools across the district. The eager competitors arrived nervous yet excited for the competition; the wait was agonising.

Awaiting the judging of the floor routine ahead, Lara (an enthusiastic participant) had this to say:

Before enduring judgement on my floor routine, I feel a combination of excitement and nervousness due to the fact I am having difficulty returning to an up-right pose from completing my shoulder stand. However, I am prepared to use a real growth mindset to help me succeed.’ 

Hazeldown’s 24 competitors, which consisted of 4 teams of 6 children, each had to perform a floor routine and vault which contributed to their team’s total score. Amazingly, two of our teams will progress through to the regional finals as they finished winners and runners up!

‘We are really proud of our achievements and cannot wait for the next round.’ Quoted the proud gymnasts.