Holly Class – Excellent home learning for another week – 7.05.2020

Holly Class are still working hard at home and developing lots of new skills.  Here are just a few examples of what they have been up to this week:


Lara has continued to apply her writing skills by completing another instalment of ‘The O’Neill Times’:


Joe made a rainbow out of his lego:

James showed lots of resilience and a growth mindset as he had to work hard to make a Turks Head Woggle. Here he is with a practice one (blue) and the leather lace one, which he has put onto his Scout neckerchief.

Our new topic for SOLE is A Child’s War (WW2) so one of the activities was to create an Anderson shelter. Here are the creative ways that some of Holly Class made their own:

This is Reece’s, made from cardboard and tin foil.

This is Olivia’s, made from plastic and tin foil.

This is Bea’s, who used Minecraft to create hers.

This is Lara’s, who used duvets, chairs and the sofa.

Here is George with his hot chocolate that he made as part of his Literacy:

Noah and his sister had an outdoor Science lesson.


Well done to everyone in Holly Class – I am very proud of all of you!