Holly Class – More amazing learning and activities at home – 1/5/20

Holly Class have continued to keep busy at home by working hard and trying out lots of fun activities! It is also great to see so many of you demonstrating our school learning values.

Here are a few examples:

Mya showed resilience whilst baking a cake. It didn’t go quite right on the first try, so she had another go and it turned out like this. Well done Mya – it looks delicious!

Noah had an art and nature day! The day started with a wild flower quiz. He then used fruit and vegetables to make his own mosaic, made a paper mosaic of his favourite flower that he found and then wrote about the process. Well done Noah!

Woody has continued to develop his fantastic computer skills. It is the first game he has coded in a language called ‘Lua’ using tutorials to help him. Woody had to work really hard as he had to spend a lot of time debugging the game.

George B went to visit the hairdressers this week – at home! Here are a couple of pictures of his new ‘do’ – he is looking very happy with it!

This week, one of the SOLE tasks was to learn how to use Google Draw as part of our topic ‘Tomorrow’s World’ by designing a logo. This could be for a company that they have made up, or a company that already exists. Here is Oliver’s:

Year 6 also finished their biographies about a famous YouTuber or blogger this week. Each day, they have worked hard to develop a paragraph for their biography, working up towards their ‘Big Write’ at the end of the week. See some examples below:

This is an example of a paragraph written by James.

This is an example by Olivia.

And finally, here is the finished piece by Lara. Lara, James and Olivia have all worked hard to ensure they use the features from the success criteria – well done guys!

Well done for all of your hard work this week Year 6 – I can’t wait to read the rest of your biographies today! And thank you for sharing all of the pictures, it is great to see you developing new skills and enjoying new activities!