Holly Class – Our time at Hazeldown – Written by Charlotte

Charlotte in Holly Class has written this lovely poem to mark Year 6’s time at Hazeldown:


Our time at Hazeldown

When we were younger we came to school,
Some shy and sad and some the happiest of them all.
But now we’re older all happy and true,
We like to come to school to learn something new.
We’ve laughed and cried throughout our days,
We’ve danced and cheered at each others ways.
Residential, iCan ,some of the biggest times we’ve had,
This is coming to an end and now we’re feeling pretty sad.
Over the years we’ve built such a bond,
Creating memories which we will hold very fond.
Our guides through this journey,will hold a special place,
KS1 our first years in this new very place.
Mrs Taylor,Mrs Jeffery,Mr Quint and Miss Morgan,
The ones who taught us in the very first portion.
Mrs Cooke,Mr Goodenough,Miss Franks and Miss Tapp,
All the ones who guided us through this very map.
And now we say bye to our family of many,
To start new lives in secondary.
Holly Class of 2020.