Hooray – a sunny day at Forest School! 1.5.20

After some rather wet days, we enjoyed some sunshine on our final day of Forest School this week! After our Forest School yoga, we headed outside and did some more pond dipping, keen to see if we could catch some elusive newts! And our patience was rewarded as Ava managed to catch three! Harlee loved catching the tadpoles in his net and even caught a tiny freshwater shrimp!

We used clay and sticks to make tree monsters and learnt how to make a little coil pot for our ‘slip’, which is clay and water mixed together to make a sort of clay glue.

Our older children took on the challenge of making the tallest stick tower and adapted their design many times to get the end result. A great deal of collaboration and resilience were required!

Everyone planted a butternut squash seed to take home to grow and Jack and Harlee planted some potatoes too.

Den building and tree climbing were great fun and Ellie discovered some beautiful orchids living in our woods. What a fantastic day!

Mrs Carpenter and I are really missing you all and are looking forward to some exciting Forest School times with you all again sometime soon.

Keep looking out for all the fantastic nature out there, wherever you are and take care. From Mrs Gordon and Mrs Carpenter