iCan Summer Performance – Save the date!


Summer  Term Performance                          7.7.7         iCan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to you to with hugely exciting news! At 7pm, on the 7th day of the 7th month, July, the curtains will be proudly raised at the Princess Theatre Torquay for our Hazeldown summer production “iCan”.

All children except the Foundation stage (due to their young age) will be involved with this production, which is a brave new step for our school. We are excited to offer the children the opportunity to be involved in an enormous event, to really show them how brightly they can shine and how high they can fly when they have encouragement and opportunity.

This variety performance is the chance to boost the aspirations of our children and really help them reach for the stars. Aspiration has been proven through research as one of the key drivers for higher living standards, standards of education and lifelong well-being. We are confident that by raising our children’s aspirations through the show, deliberately entitled “iCan”, they will push through ceilings they may have previously placed upon themselves relating to future success, careers and dreams. We really wanted for this to be a “Big deal” so that the children’s thoughts for life would be just as grand. The theatre seats 1,500 people and we know you will fill it to the rafters with loving, encouraging faces. Details will be released shortly with specifics such as ticketing arrangements, timings and resources, but do bear with us. If you do have any burning questions then please do come and find Mr Quint or myself directly or ask any member of staff and they should be able to guide you to the correct person.


This is a brave, new step for our school but one to which I feel the children will rise admirably. I truly believe they deserve this opportunity to believe in a bigger, brighter future for themselves and our community and I know you will support them all the way. I must thank the school P.T.A. already for their financial backing of this show as well as for the moral encouragement they have offered. The show must be good – I am sure it will be great!

As the saying goes…”The show must go on!“ So, put a date in your diary; 7th of the 7th @ 7pm.

Many thanks for your support and see you there!


Mr C Tribble

Assistant Headteacher @ Hazeldown