It has been a busy week for year 5 (w.c.15.06.20)

Year 5 have been very busy week and a lot of pictures have been sent in of the wonderful home learning.

Thomas’ self portrait:

Anya’s clock artwork:

How Anya spends her day:

Harry has thought about how Teignmouth has changed over time:


In literacy we have been looking at diary writing and this week we have begun to write our own entries. Here are some fantastic examples from the pupils:




21st May 2020

Dear Diary

It’s Thursday morning and I’ve just arrived. I’m so excited to see the future but now I am here it is all a little overwhelming. I can feel my knees knocking together as I shake timidity (clunk! clunk! clunk!). The view around me is unlike anything I have seen before. It is leaving me a little dazed and confused. The journey here was as quick as a flash and it took me a while to catch my breath. Arriving in this new and bold world has made me feel as timid as a mouse. The skyline is full of buildings (of all shapes and sizes) and trees. Some as high as a mountain, others more like the size of a normal two storey house you would find in the past, in my world.

In the distance I can see a (bright yellow with black wings) car flying towards me! Yes, flying. My nerves are forgotten as I positively buzz with excitement – my whole body is covered in goosebumps. As it lands I realise that it is like a New York taxi from the past – just new and shinier with wings! 

I look into the distance and suddenly realise that there are more of them – they are all around me – it’s an unbelievable sight. Some nearby, but others far away. They are flying in all directions: North; South; East and West. I thought the air would be filled with noise but it is not. There are no engines roaring like lions. They do not sound the same as they do in the past. The noise is nothing more than a gentle whisper floating in the breeze and there is no stinky smell at all!

I step into the taxi (the driver is very welcoming) and whoosh I am suddenly off into the sky – I have to take a moment to catch my breath. I am instantaneously at the top of the world and everywhere I look the (ultra modern) buildings shimmer in the sunlight. Flying transportation (of all shapes, sizes and colours) gives the impression of being drawn to the tops of the buildings like a moth’s to a flame. I sit back (feeling a little foolish for being so apprehensive when I arrived) and happily watch all the excitement unfold. Within no time at all the taxi starts to slowly descend back to the ground. The people walking around stop resembling ants and start to look normal as they slowly come into focus.

In a flash the taxi landed (as soft as a feather) back on the ground. I can’t take the massive grin off my face. I am astonished by the amazing things I have just seen: people as small as insects; buildings as tall as mountains and trees that resemble broccoli sprouts! The flight was (almost) unbelievable so to make sure it wasn’t a dream I pinch myself a few times – ouch, ouch ouch!  

I look at my watch and try to comprehend how quickly time has travelled in the future. I suddenly realise how completely exhausted I have become from all the anticipation and excitement of the day. I turn and take one last look at the horizon – breathing in the view and taking a photo for my memory. Then without warning or a single sound I’m blindsided and back in the past.


9th March 2020

I went to bed yesterday as a normal day had passed. I brushed my teeth and slipped into my bunny pajamas. Hugged my parents goodnight and hopped to my room where I jumped on my cosy bed. I sat there for a while admiring the beauty of my newly painted room. I stopped after a while and tucked under the covers where I fell asleep… But when I woke up I found myself in a pitch black room with one single lime green door. “Uh Oh” I thought. I slowly arose 

from the black floor. I shouted for help but my voice just echoed in the tall room. It could burst your eardrums. When I got the brave enough I opened the lime green door and before me was…


June 18th 2020:

As I stepped into the new time machine (it was shockingly expensive to make) I thought “that’s a queer thing!” and it was, the time machine had odd arms and a lot of time portal openers that were knives which cut through the seams of the universe into the future. Inside it had buttons that told the machine to go to different places at different times so I pressed the buttons to go to the future, 15th December 5050 to be exact. So the Time Machine got to work cutting through the bonds of the universe into the future. When it had finished  there was only a swirling sphere of colour where my driveway used to be , I drove the time machine into the hole and I appeared in the future.The time machine was broken which was a significant setback but when I turned away there was a city, a very busy city, beautiful, aquamarine water glistened with pride as humans of all shapes and sizes chatter loudly; the whoosh of flying cars finds my ears. Beyond fields of green, Towering skyscrapers that make Mount Everest look like a squirrel in comparison; get swerved by flying cars of all shapes and sizes. The futuristic humans were walking along the walkway between the river and the sea. I started towards the walkway but a man stopped ny I felt scared. He actually lead me to a hotel from which I am writing to you from good night.    


 18th June 2020 

Eagerly, I waited  for the time car to pull up.  As I was playing War of Thunder, (I was on a very  hard level) a shiny gold and black car shaped like a Lamborghini,  pulled up and as the blacked out window slowly descended I saw that the person driving was wearing a diamond necklace and dark glasses. He turned and looked at me and said ‘ Get in the car now’. As I did, the car‘s doors shut slowly and music turned on. He revved the engine and then we flashed into the sky above the clouds, higher and higher until suddenly we dropped down and down, until a runway was just in sight, as we darted towards it, I thought we were going to crash and indeed we did but luckily no one got injured and the car burst into flames. I was wondering where this was going to lead to…

The pupils have been thinking about if time travel is possible, here is what they have found:






Lottie’s self portrait:

Alex’s self portrait:


How communications has changed over time:

Mia has gone above and beyond the work we have set and has completed some of her own work:

Evelyn has researched how fashion has changed over time:


There has been so much work to celebrate this week and it has been brilliant to see everyone getting stuck into our topic!