Keeping busy in Maple Class – 09.06.20

The Maple children in school have been working really hard. Today, we spent time learning like Victorian school children. We did our 3 Rs, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We practised our neatest handwriting on blackboards using chalk, we read a book together and we even practised chanting our 2 and 5 times tables. Mrs Maguire did have to become quite strict at times and was checking that the children were clean and hygienic, just like Victorian teachers would have done.


We also had fun outside working out how to do whole, half and quarter turns. We drew our own chalk circles and drew lines to quarter them. This really helped. We also discovered that if you do a whole turn, you always end up facing the same way you started. When we started off facing the wall on the lower playground and then did half a turn, we ended up facing the sea, a much nicer view. We hope you are having as much fun with your learning at home.