Lines for King of the Swingers!

Sir David Attenborough


DA:     (Slowly and steady) Here we are, in the deepest, darkest jungle of India where it seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.



DA:     We can see the troop animals such as monkeys, engaged in everyday activities: Grooming (four monkeys start to groom one another), playing(another group jump around and try to catch each other) and sleeping in the trees (another group yawn and stretch).  Not all animals are so sociable though.  See here the black panther, (Bagheera stalks around the front of the stage) waiting, biding his time until he sees his prey.  And the comical, yet deadly bear, (Baloo lumbers across the front of the stage) seeking opportunity to find his food in a less energetic way.  All is peaceful in the jungle…..



Baloo and Bagheera


Bagheera and Baloo down-stage left.


Bagheera:    Fire! So that’s what that scoundrels after!


Baloo:            I’ll tear him limb from limb!  I’ll beat him!  I’ll…. I’ll…. Yeh…!  Well man, what a beat!


Bagheera:    Will you stop that silly beat business and listen!  It will take brains not brawn.


Baloo:            You’d better believe it! And I’m loaded with both!


Bagheera:    Will you listen!


Baloo:            Oh, oh, yeh.


Bagheera:    Now, while you create a disturbance, I’ll rescue Mowgli. You got that?


Baloo:            I’m gone man, solid gone.


Bagheera:    (Shouting)Not yet Baloo!


Baloo starts to dance around the front of the stage, Bagheera tries to stop him.



King Louie and Mowgli


KL centre stage, front.  Mowgli comes on escorted by 2 monkeys who push him forward.


M:       Hey! You cut that out!


KL:      Cool it boy, unwind yourself. (sings Do boo be do, do boo be do) Now, come on, let’s shake cousin!


M:       What do you want me for?


KL:      Word has grabbed my royal ear, have a banana, that you want to stay in the jungle.


M:       Stay in the jungle? I sure do!


KL:      Good.  And Old King Louie (sings Ba ba do ba bey) that’s me, can fix it for you. Have two bananas.  Holds up 3 fingers. Have we got a deal?


M:       Yep! I’ll do anything to stay in the jungle!


KL:      Well then, I’ll lay it on the line for ya.



King Louie and Mowgli


M:       You’re doin’ real good!


KL:      Now here’s your part of the deal, Cuz.  Lay the secret on me of man’s red fire!


M:       Fire! But I don’t know how to make fire!