Making Rot Pots! 5.3.20

Year 5 spent the day learning all about composting and how to make rot pots with Alex Mack, an education officer from Resource Futures. She explained the importance of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and taught the children how to turn simple organic matter into compost. The children filled plastic bottles with layers of wet and dry materials such as paper, grass, leaves, fruit and veg waste and a small amount of water. Each week, we’ll observe them and monitor the rotting process.

They also learnt what can and can’t be composted. Did you know that it could take over 100 years for a crisp packet to decompose because it is made from ‘metallised’ plastic film.

The children also had fun finding mini beasts in soil and using magnifying glasses to examine them in detail. We found some pretty speedy centipedes!