Maple – 03.07.20

Maples have been very in school this week.

In Literacy they have been working hard on adding conjunctions to sentences to up-level them. They have also been looking at sentences that have no spaces in them, the children have had to identify where the words start and end to make the sentence make sense – this has made them realise how important finger spaces are! We have also started looking at verbs and nouns and how to identify them in a sentence.

We have been working hard on reading this week as well, we have looked at reading comprehensions about The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, The Gingerbread Man and The Rainforest.

Every morning the children have been practising their handwriting, they have been really concentrating on their letter formation.

In maths they have been focussing on bar models and learning our number bonds to 20. They have also been identifying the variety of number sentences that go with each bar model! Some have been rather challenging! They have been using number lines and 100 squares to help them.


Then of course we also leave time for a little bit of fun! Collecting Crickets is still a favourite pass time but this week paper aeroplanes have also been a firm favourite.