Maple Class discover which materials burn the best – 26.01.17.

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To conclude our Fire of London science investigation today, Maple Class watched a demonstration of different materials being burnt.

Despite battling the whirling winds outside, we were able to watch what happened to the straw, cloth, glass, roof tile and wood.

Our results showed us that some materials burnt better than others. Tell someone at home which materials burnt the best and explain why you think that might have been.

What did we all conclude by the end of the investigation? Can you remember the interesting word we learnt, which means the material will burn easily? It starts with an f

When we returned to our classroom, we found something interesting which helps to put fires out. Can you remember what it was called and how it is different from what the people used to put out the Fire of London?

How did this experiment help us to understand more about the Fire of London? 

Why did the adults gather round the table, when attempting to light the fire?

Why did the adults have a big bucket of water nearby throughout the experiment?