Maple Class fish for fantastic facts about the circulatory system! 04.10.16.






Maple Class went fishing today! We went fishing for fantastic facts about the circulatory system!

We reminded ourselves that a fact is something real and not made up. We decided a fact is something someone might tell you, or something you might learn, which can be interesting or exciting! 

Armed with our whiteboards and pens to find facts, we watched a short video clip about the circulatory system.

We looked at how our circulatory system keeps us alive and healthy. We looked closely at the heart and discovered it has four chambers, two sides, and is controlled by valves.

We discovered what the difference is between veins and arteries. Can you remember the difference? Tell someone in your family the difference.

We learned the importance exercise has in our lives and how the heart has to work harder as we exercise. We found our pulse on our wrist and counted the beats. How fast is your pulse? Show someone in your family how to find your pulse. 

We used our fantastic facts to help us write sentences about the circulatory system. Fill in the missing words to complete these facts:

The heart is the strongest ____?

The heart pumps _____ around our body.

There are _____ chambers in the heart.

The arteries pump blood ______.