Maple Class – Fun Phonics! 24.01.17.

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What fun we had in our phonics again today!

From reading our tricky words as fast as we could before they disappeared behind Mr Messy, to orally blending words containing the ‘ew‘ digraph and counting the letter sounds with our phoneme fingers, making real and nonsense ‘ew‘ words and blending them out loud, before writing ‘ew‘ words in our phonic jotters and thinking of sentences for each word.

Explain to someone at home what happened when we spelt blue and blew. What about bew and boo? What did we discover?

How many more ‘ew‘ words can you think of? Use your phoneme fingers to orally blend out loud each letter sound and say the word to someone at home. Make a list of all the different ‘ew‘ words you can think of and bring them in to show us!