Maple Class illuminating lanterns lighting the way! 24/11/16

Let there be light! Lantern lights, lighting the way in Maple Class today!

Maple Class will certainly be lighting the way this Saturday, when we join the Teignmouth Christmas lights switch on procession with our terrific lanterns!

What tremendous effort everyone has given to create such lovely lanterns! From our initial lantern idea designs and drawings, to making prototypes out of straws, then constructing willow frames and detailed structures and now finally covering these carefully with tissue paper…amazing creations everybody!

Which 3D shape is your lantern? Which 2D shapes can you see on the faces?

Which part of the lantern making process did you enjoy the most and why?

Which part of the process did you find more challenging and how did you overcome the challenges?  

A massive, massive thank you to all our amazingly kind family members who came in and helped us all this week. We really couldn’t have done it without your help! 


Watching a video tutorial to learn the technique and skills involved for covering our lanterns.


Watching Mr Quint demonstrate with the materials and resources we will be using ourselves.

FullSizeRender 50

Watching the ‘experts’ and sharing other helpful techniques.


Securing our frames and structures before the big tissue paper cover up began…


Cutting just the right amount of tissue takes time!


What lantern shape do you think this tissue paper might be for and how do you know?


Thank goodness for our friends… Collaboration!

FullSizeRender 52


This is going to be messy…and lots of fun! 


Tremendous focus and resilience. 


Did you find it easier covering your lantern shapes with small or large pieces of tissue? Explain your reasons…


Gently stretching and pulling the tissue over the willow frame to create a smoother finish!


Almost there! Team work will do it!

FullSizeRender 49

Finally drying off in the sunshine…

FullSizeRender 51

Simply stunning!

Capture 2016-11-24 213609

Northumberland Place, Teignmouth: Meeting at 4.15pm, procession at 4.30pm.