Maple Class know how to be a good friend! 16/11/16

We are really enjoying our thought provoking anti-bullying activities this week so far and today was no exception!

Joined by the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor and sitting in a circle where we could see and hear everyone, we took turns to pass our Pudsey bear around to share our thoughts and opinions on what we feel are the attributes of a good friend and ways we can show these skills. 

We knew it was our turn to speak when we were holding the bear. This ensured everyone’s opinion was heard and considered.

What do you think makes a good friend? What can you do to be a good friend?

Some of our suggestions included cheering someone up if they were feeling sad, sharing your toys, letting someone join in and playing with you, helping someone up if they have fallen over, giving someone a hug if they feel sad or lonely and many many more! 

We are in the process of making a Maple Class kindness tree and will be writing on the leaves to share the many ways we can be kind and a good friend to others. Watch this space for a completed photo!

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