Maple Class memorising new vocabulary! 03.11.16.

What incredible story tellers we have in Maple Class! 

Our challenge today began by collaborating in pairs to sequence different parts of the Rama and Sita story to create our own mini story boards. We had to look very closely at the pictures and identify who the characters were and what was happening.

How did you know where to stick each picture? Did you always agree? Explain how the story begins to someone at home and what happens at the end and in the middle!


Once we were satisfied the pictures were sequenced in the correct order, we took turns to retell and act out the story using actions and story language. We challenged ourselves further by using spicy story vocabulary, to improve the quality of our retelling. 

Tell someone at home how you would make these sentences more spicy:

  1. Ravana took Sita away.

  2. Rama and Sita were sent to the forest.

FullSizeRender 26

Using the iPads, we took turns to capture our amazing actions for each section of our story board. We then used these images to create our own PicCollage story boards for the Rama and Sita story!








By learning this new story vocabulary in such a fun and practical way, it helps us to retain it and apply it more confidently and competently when we come to do our writing.

I am so proud of everyone’s enthusiasm about this story so far and if the level of story vocabulary today was anything to go by, then our next Big Write is set to be something quite amazing!

Keep it up Maple Class – you super stars!