Maple Class memorising technical vocabulary! 07.10.16.


Maple Class have been finding fun ways to learn and memorise the information words for their writing. Heart, pumps, blood, bones, protect, strong, muscles and lungs are just some of the words we have been learning.

These words are the ‘technical vocabulary’ for our learning and we will be trying to include as many of them as we can in our sentences about our bodies. 

We worked collaboratively to create actions and movements for each word, before putting them altogether to form an action sentence. In pairs and small groups, we then performed our actions and movements to the rest of the class for them to guess which technical words and sentences we had created.

Show someone at home your actions and movements for these sentences:

  • Your heart pumps blood around your body.

  • Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body.

  • Your muscles and bones are working even when you are asleep.

  • Your ribcage protects your heart and lungs. 

What other actions can you think of to help you remember the technical vocabulary?