Maple Class visit Occombe Farm! On 20.10.16.

What an eventful day we all had at Occombe Farm!

From riding on the bus to get us there, meeting all the animals on the farm, discovering what life on the farm is really like, walking in the woods, hiding in the bird hide while spotting the beautiful birds, making a clay woodland creature, eating our lunch in a yurt, making our own delicious pizza, picking fresh herbs and vegetables to decorate our pizza with and riding home on the bus…it’s safe to say, it was a jam-packed day in every way!

Share these pictures with someone at home. Explain what we did and what your favourite parts of the day were. 

Thank you to all our lovely helpers who kindly gave their time to accompany us on our trip. We loved sharing our fun day with you and are so grateful you were able to join us!


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