Mental Health Workshop


Thank you to everyone that attended the EH4MH parent workshop this morning. It was great to see so many parents engaging in this service and receive such positive feedback.


“Fantastic! Really informative and very helpful pointers.”


“Thank you for your time today, much to think about and adopt.”


“A very helpful course in learning how differently to deal with our children’s problems and issues.”


“Really useful workshop, thank you so much. Would be very grateful if we could have the anxiety workshop too! Thanks Hazeldown.”


“I found this workshop really helpful, not only in terms of my children’s mental health but also my own. I am definitely implementing these approaches at home for the whole family.”


“Useful session – good for our own mental health too.”


“Really useful life skill tips, thank you.”


“Very good and explained in full details, very helpful information and I will take this home with me and practice this at home.”


Great workshop, really useful and gave us good tips on the wellbeing of our children and ourselves. Thank you.”


“This workshop has helped me feel more confident in knowing how to support (my son) in having a healthy mental health but also how I may notice if he begins to struggle with it.”


“Extremely helpful, I realize how quickly I try to solve my daughter’s problems without giving her chance to express herself or her views and solutions. Thank you so much, look forward to the anxiety workshop.”


“Really glad I came, good to have my own opinions reinforced by someone with lots of experience.”


Our next workshop will be held on Tuesday 26th March at 9:00am. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Thank you